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Theme: Changing Times

In 1964 Bob Dylan released a song called “The Times They Are a-Changing”, an anthem for the political upheaval and re-ordering of society in the United States after the Second World War.

Today, we face upheaval on many fronts and societies and individuals are seeking ways to cope and deal with a growing sense of powerlessness.

Yet change does not have to be political, it can be the slow unfurling of a flower, the passage of water over a weir, a child learning to walk, an old person learning to use a walker. Change is all around us and forms a profound part of our lives.

Taking Changing Times as a starting point, participating groups are asked to find, adapt or create works that respond to change, that help identify the problems people and nations have faced in the past, that deal with present change, and that inspire action or reflection.

Change happens in many ways, and theatre has always sought to come to grips with this. There are many well known examples, but also many more stories waiting to be uncovered or created and brought to the FEATS 2022 stage, as witness to a period of transition.

FEATS 2022 is especially interested in works that are innovative in their approach, their style, their use of different performance techniques and that enhance cultural diversity. But above all, works that drive a change in habits, stereotypes and the societal status quo.