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The Festival is held over four nights, in 2022 from Ascension Day on Thursday 3rd June to Sunday 6th June. Twelve groups from the FEATS community participate, performing three works up to 50 minutes in length each evening. At the end of each evening, a professional theatre practitioner will appraise the performances, based on an expert knowledge and experience of all aspects of theatre. A summing-up will take place after the evaluation on the final evening.

In 2022, the Evaluator will be Mike McCormack, whose huge theatrical experience as actor, dramaturg, director, workshop leader, community theatre deviser, teacher and university lecturer makes him well positioned to provide an insightful appraisal.


The Festival will be held in the Kulturhaus theatre in Mersch, a town some 20 km north of Luxembourg city. Built as a multi-purpose auditorium, it is nevertheless equipped for theatrical events and can seat around 185 people in the main tiered block. The acoustics are optimal.

For the first time, FEATS is able to offer an opened stage configuration with a fair-sized thrust acting area on the same level as the auditorium and tiered seating blocks on either side of the thrust. This will help to bring actors and audience closer together and promote a shared experience.

The curtain will remain open at all times (unless specifically required by a group for setting their piece), thus enabling audience members – if they wish – to watch the putting in place and removal of the set before and after performances.