Participating Groups

Main Venue

The Kulturhaus in Mersch

The Mierscherkulturhaus, to give it its name in Luxembourgish, is the Cultural Centre of the town of Mersch, an important industrial, administrative and cultural centre in the geographical centre of Luxembourg.

The auditorium

The ‘Main Stage’ part of the Festival will be held in the Kulturhaus auditorium. This is a multipurpose hall of which the back quarter is the ‘stage’ area (stage acting area). This can be separated from the rest of the hall by a rich blue curtain that draws sideways and meets in the middle.

A thrust stage will be added to the stage acting area in front of the curtain line. Tiered seating will be placed on either side of this thrust area. The main seating block consists of a moveable, tiered structure which will be positioned as close to the thrust stage as possible, allowing for circulation and safety.

The stage and thrust acting areas can be used together or separately.

The main curtain (house curtain or tabs) will stay in the open position at all times during the festival, unless required to be closed by a group for use of the thrust stage only, or to be set at an intermediate position depending on the acting areas chosen.

A plan and views of the auditorium can be seen here.

The acting areas and technical equipment are fully described in the Technical Data Pack.

The backstage areas

The backstage of the main acting area is limited, but sufficient for the purposes of the festival. With the exception of the right-hand side doors of the auditorium (when facing the stage) which lead directly outside, all doors in the auditorium (both stage and audience areas) open into corridors or circulation areas which communicate directly with each other and without steps. It is possible that actors use these doors during performance to enable multiple entrances and exits.

A plan of the backstage circulation areas and actor entrances can be seen here.

The backstage areas and how they are to be used are fully described in the Technical Data Pack.