Prices (to be announced)

Single ticket (per evening) xx €
Single ticket NWTC member xx €
Single ticket student (up to 25 years) xx €
Single ticket cast & crew* xx €
Season ticket (all 4 evenings) xx €
Season ticket NWTC member xx €
Season ticket student (up to 25 years) xx €
Season ticket cast & crew* xx €
FEATS Party Saturday 28th xx €

 An additional fee might be charged depending on your choice of payment method.

* cast & crew - special rate for the cast & crew of participating groups
                       no charge for entry on the evening of performance


Main seating:   15 rows of tiered seating, 18 or 19 seats per row, side aisles (stairs).
                       The bottom row is on the first tier.

Side seating:    3 rows each of tiered seating, 5 or 6 seats per row, stepped access to upper rows.
                       The bottom row is at floor level.

The seating plan can be viewed here.

Number of places still available

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