Participants Guide to FEATS (including Technical Data Pack)


The Participants Guide to FEATS fully describles the whole process of participating in FEATS. It explains what is expected of participating groups, gives information which helps them to prepare, guides groups through what is expected of them during the festival and in the Technical Data Pack part, describes in detail the facilities and equipment of the Kulturhaus theatre in Mersch.

It also lists the deadlines which must be met in order to ensure the flow of information between participating groups and Festival Stage Management Team (FSMT).

It is a voluminous document, but has been put together in sections, meant to be read and digested bit by bit, as the need arises.

PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT - its purpose is to help, not intimidate. And if there are questions, ask them. The FSMT is there to assist where they can.

The Participants Guide to FEATS (PGF) with Technical Data Pack (or Tech Pack, or Data Pack or TDP) will be able to be accessed from here when completed. A preliminary information sheet on what you need to get started can be seen here.