Kulturhaus (Main Stage)

For audience members, the access from the road in front to the theatre and the auditorium is on one level, without steps. From the main outside car park (next to the sports field), there is a double flight of stairs to access the theatre. For people with reduced mobility, a non-public lift can be used between the two levels.  
Because the seating is tiered, wheelchair users will be placed at floor level, in front and at the side of the main seating block (or in front of a side block, depending on space).

The bar is on the same level as the auditorium.

The wheelchair-access toilet is accessible by a non-public lift. The assistance of theatre or FEATS22 staff is necessary.

For cast and crew members, the auditorium and backstage areas are all on one level. Dressing room access is by a staircase or a non-public lift, for which the assistance of theatre or FEATS22 staff is necessary.

Servais House (Fringe)

to be completed

Café Beim Méchel (Fringe)

to be completed