Where to stay

There is little available in Mersch itself: one hotel, one motel and some mobile homes at the campground, as well as another hotel in a neighbouring village, some 20 minutes walking distance from the theatre. There are many hotels spread further afield and many accessible by public transport, such as Luxembourg City and Walferdange (to the south), and Ettelbruck and Diekirch (to the north).   

All information is available online. Visit Luxembourg has comprehensive guides to hotels, guest houses, cottages, farm stays, youth hostels (no longer restricted to the young) and camping sites (mobile homes) as well as restaurants.

Check availability using online booking sites, but contact the hotel directly to make a reservation. You can often get a better deal by eliminating the (quite substantial) cut the booking sites take.

If you are relying on public transport, make sure your accommodation is reasonably close to a bus or train route which also operates over a weekend (see Getting around).

Eating and Drinking

The festival bar is located just off the theatre lobby and will be open from 18:00 until the first performance in the evening, and then again during the intervals. The bar will be open after each evening’s evaluation until 01:00, and until 03:00 on Saturday (party night).

Sandwiches, snacks and soup will be available, as well as tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and crémant.

In Mersch itself, there are a number of bars, restaurants and fast-food outlets within 10 or so walking minutes of the theatre. A list of those that will serve food from 18:00 can be found at the hospitality desk. As none of the venues are large, reservations are recommended. 





Hospitality desk

A Hospitality Desk will be located in the theatre foyer and will be staffed from 09:00 to 19:30, and again during the intervals. Here you can find information on Mersch and environs, on which restaurants are open earlier in the evening, bus and train times, contact details of taxi and night bus services. You can also reserve a guided walk here and pick up a copy of the FEATS22 Treasure Hunt which will take you through Mersch centre.

T-shirts with the FEATS22 logo will be available for sale in the theatre entrance hall, as well as the Festival programme.